Create an off-canvas menu and module that slides in and out of the page, which is perfect for creating mobile navigations.


Default and Overlay
Flip Mode
Color Customization
Modal and Nav Center

04 animation modes

  • 1: Slide - The off-canvas slides out and overlays the content. This is the default mode.
  • 2: Push - The off-canvas slides out and pushes the site.
  • 3: Reveal - The off-canvas slides out and reveals its content while pushing the site.
  • 4: None - The off-canvas appears and overlays the content without an animation.

02 menu styles

  • 1: Default
  • 2: Primary

More options:

  • 1: Flip off-canvas to the right side.
  • 2: Display the off-canvas together with an overlay.
  • 3: Close the off-canvas when the Esc key is pressed.
  • 4: Module - You can pick a module inside offcanvas bar content.