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Stadia OSMBright

Starting from Open Street map 2.1.6, we added the Leaflet-providers option that contains configurations for various tile providers including OpenStreetMap, Stamen, Esri and CartoDB.

Providers requiring registration

In addition to the providers you are free to use, we support some layers which require registration.


In order to use ArcGIS maps, you must register and abide by the terms of service . No special syntax is required.

Stadia Maps

In order to use Stadia maps, you must register . Once registered, you can whitelist your domain within your account settings.

Map Box

  • Mapbox deprecated support for Mapbox Studio Classic styles on June 1st, 2020. Starting from OpenStreetMap particle version 2.1.4, you can create a add your custom map style using MapBox Studio

    Design your own maps with Mapbox Studio then add the Style URL directly via particle setting.

  • You can use images as custom markers
  • You can add multiple locations on the map
  • You can set the default map zoom level
  • You can set the zooming on mouse scroll
  • You can show the zooming +/- icon
  • You can enable/disable the copyright text

Free color variations of the standard leaflet markers